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1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 How do I find out the status of an order?

At Plastic Printers, customers have a dedicated agent that will help ensure the success of their order. They get ship and progress updates for their order and their agent is always there to answer any additional questions.

1.2 How fast will the cards be delivered?

Plastic Printers is the fastest in the business! With our formidable industry and marketplace experience, we have the knowledge and training to complete even the most complex projects quickly and efficiently. We get most orders out in a few days but customers can always choose to upgrade or expedite their order to receive it even sooner. Standard shipping times average between 3-5 days.

1.3 Do I get to see proofs of my cards before I make my purchase?

All designs and orders are sent to the customer for their approval or adjustments they'd like made prior to production.

1.4 What I have ordered cards before or I've already issued cards and I need to order more?

We make the process of reordering fast and easy, even if a customer already has cards but hasn't ordered from Plastic Printers before. We have proprietary systems that ensure card compatibility, prevent number duplication and increase security.

1.5 Do the cards work with multiple locations?

Yes, the cards can be encoded to work independently at each location, at certain designated locations, or all at locations.

1.6 I have Lightspeed retail, will my cards work with Lightspeed eCom?

Yes!  Your gift cards are omnichannel and will work with Lightspeed Retail and eCom.

1.7 Some gift cards have what looks like legal wording on the back. Is that needed? What should it say?

Typically Gift Cards will have some basic Terms and Conditions on the back. They include things like where the Gift Cards can be redeemed and how they can be used. Often the requirements can vary by location. We're here to guide customers through making sure they get the right information on their Gift Cards. Here's a link to some sample Terms and Conditions to get you started: https://www.plasticprinters.com/terms-and-conditions-samples

1.8 Can I provide my own designs?

Absolutely! We have templates available so that customers can easily create and send us their own card designs. We do offer complimentary design services should customers want us to produce the designs for them.